Logistics & Supply Chain Executive Resumes

Resume Writing for Executives and Managers in:
Transportation, Logistics,  Distribution, Supply Chain Management, Procurement

Your logistics or supply chain management resume needs to highlight specific accomplishments and unique strengths that will set you apart from your competition.

That means that you want to demonstrate a track record of achievements (without bragging). Your resume also needs to be precisely tailored for your targeted jobs, and it needs to include an attention-getting summary and the right keywords.

If you’re like most of my clients, you also need a solid strategy, LinkedIn know-how, and other career marketing documents.

That’s why I offer Job Search Game Plan calls, LinkedIn support, and comprehensive services. I want to arm you with all the tools to succeed!

I enjoy working with professionals in all areas of logistics, supply chain management, and related fields; whether you’re a 3PL executive, a VP of supply chain, or a procurement executive focused on strategic global sourcing, I know I can make you shine so that employers will want to interview you.

My experience in this arena includes regular projects for clients ranging from supervisors to senior executives, as well as corporate outplacement experience (ie., providing services for a Fortune 500 company that was closing a distribution center).


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