Land More Interviews with my Advanced Resume Optimization

DON’T get screened out by a computer — work with someone who truly understands the nuances of online applications and keywords

Are you going to be applying online for job openings with mid-sized and large employers? If so, you need advanced resume optimization — not vague, outdated concepts about keywords — to maximize your chances of getting interviews.

Why it matters

As you probably know, mid-sized and large employers use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software to screen and manage job candidates. When you submit an application or resume online, your submission goes into the ATS. At that point, the content of what you submitted will determine whether it gets sucked into a black hole or actually gets read by a human being, the first step to getting an interview.

Most people are in the dark

Just about every resume writing company claims to have expertise in keyword optimization for resumes, but the vast majority of them don’t understand all the nuances of creating a resume that will perform well in an employer’s ATS.

Helping you land more interviews

If you’re targeting mid-sized and large employers, you need an ATS- and keyword-optimized resume to get results!

I help clients with this in three ways:

1.     Industry keywords included in your resume.

2.     Proper resume structuring for an ATS-friendly resume.

3.     Insider secrets in how you can improve your chances of an interview with every online application you put in.

Remember, networking is always the most effective way to land a job (and in my opinion is the only way for career changers). But even when networking, you often still need to apply online. ATS technology isn’t going away, and having the tools and knowledge to get through it is important.

Want to learn more?

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  • I’m here to help — please contact me if you have questions or are ready to take the first step toward landing your dream job!