Resume Success Program

Attention, job seekers:

  • Are you struggling to write your own resume?
  • Do you feel like you should be able to write your own résumé, but you need expert guidance?
  • Do you want to save some money on expert resume assistance?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, my Resume Success Program was designed for people like you! The Resume Success Program is a self-paced, do-it-yourself program in which you write (or rewrite) your own resume with my expert oversight.

You’ll benefit from the Resume Success Program versus trying to write a resume completely on your own:

Expertise: You’ll have an expert directing and guiding you and then checking your work. I’ll help you decide what you should include and how to present it. Objectivity: You’ll have an outside, objective perspective on your experience and accomplishments. Peace of mind: When we’re done, you’ll feel confident about your resume, knowing that it’s a professional-quality marketing piece. Training: The training you receive will serve you well when the time comes to update your resume; instead of having to come back and pay a writer every time you need updates, you’ll feel confident doing it yourself.

Here’s how the Resume Success Program works:

  1. Information gathering: I’ll send you the Resume Success Kit, which includes my guide “How to Write a Professional-Quality Resume,” a list of information to compile, questionnaires that will get you thinking, and resume samples.
  2. Development session: We’ll have a 45-minute resume development consultation by phone or via a Skype video conference. This is where I’ll steer you in the right direction with regard to the content and structure of your resume. I’ll work with you on identifying your personal brand and specific accomplishments, and I’ll give you guidance on how you can word bullet points.
  3. Writing: You’ll write your resume based on the direction I gave you. You’ll finish your draft within 45 days of our development session and email it to me so I can review it.
  4. Wrap-up: We’ll reconvene for a 20-minute wrap session. During that session, I’ll provide my feedback on the resume draft and share any additional tips or recommendations I have to help you with your job search.
  5. Completion: If needed, you can send me the final draft with any revisions you might have made after the wrap session, and I can provide you brief written feedback via email.

End result: a compelling, professional resume that you can truly call your own.

Is the Resume Success Program right for you?

This program isn’t for everyone, so I’ll need to talk with you to determine if I can approve you for the program. If you don’t have an existing resume draft to send me, I might ask for a writing sample. Here are some questions to determine whether the Resume Success Program might be for you:

  • Are you a good writer?You don’t need to be a Pulitzer Prize winner, but you do need to have a decent grasp on grammar. Keep in mind that no writing or editing is included in the price.
  • Do you have a specific job search target? Or perhaps two or three targets? (Note: Only one target is included in the price.)
  • Are you willing to work hard? Do you understand that the outcome of the program will depend on you? I’ll be your coach, but I won’t be doing any work for you.

Your investment in the program: $297

If you’re smart in how you go about your job search, I’m confident you’ll see an excellent return on this investment. In fact, I’ve never seen a case where a client who used my services and conducted a strategic job search didn’t succeed. With my direction, you can write a resume far better than what a low-cost resume service would provide.

Optional add-ons to Resume Success Program:

Optimization for online applications. Guidance and training on optimization for employers’ applicant tracking systems. If you’ll be applying for jobs on employers’ websites or on job boards, you’ll want to get this. This includes a live demo of the Résuméter software from Preptel. Add $57. LinkedIn training. Access to my Link to Success series of downloadable training videos that show you how to maximize LinkedIn in your job search. Add $37 (introductory price through March 31, 2012).  LinkedIn profile writing guidance. Your profile (particularly the summary) should be different from your resume because LinkedIn is a different medium. I’ll show you how to transform your resume into an attention-getting LinkedIn profile. Add $25. Bio writing guidance. The strategic use of a bio is an important part of TheHireRoad program. I’ll show you how to transform your resume into a killer bio. Add $30.

Are you ready to create your best resume ever?

Contact me today to be considered for the Resume Success Program.