2021 Terms of Service v.4

Please read these carefully to make sure you understand them. It’s mostly common-sense stuff! Let me know if you have any questions.  – Kelly Donovan

By submitting your payment to Kelly Donovan & Associates, you indicate your acceptance of these Terms of Service.


General guidance – engagement and overall timelines

Our writing projects require your participation, and we ask that you remain actively engaged throughout the process so we can wrap up in a timely fashion. For example, you need to provide information appropriately, and you need to carve out a relatively small amount of time for reviewing and providing feedback on a draft.

If you do not think you can make time to provide the raw ingredients for Kelly to work with, or the small amount of time to review a draft and provide feedback, now is not a good time for you to engage our services.

A project that consists primarily of a few documents should not take several months to finish unless there are truly extenuating circumstances. That is why we have common-sense policies regarding Inactive Projects and Unused Writing Services for the benefit of you, Kelly, and Kelly’s other clients.


Inactive projects and unused writing services

In the context of a writing project, inaction or inactivity on your part simply means that you’re not fully participating in the project and Kelly is waiting on you.

Examples would be if you have not provided information Kelly requested, or you have not participated in a Deep Dive Session with Kelly yet, or did not provide all the information she needed and have not yet followed up with those items. It is understandable that you might need a week or more make time for this, but if Kelly is waiting on you for more than a month, she will be busy with other clients at that point—so please keep in mind the following policies.


The following rules apply for situations in which you are inactive on your project; they can be loosened or waived at Kelly’s discretion for extenuating circumstances (medical emergencies, family crises, etc.).

Kelly will do her best to reach out to you with a reminder to keep your project active.

  • After more than 30 days of inaction on your part, your project will be classified as “inactive” and the following rules will apply when you wish to restart:
    • When you return, please anticipate a wait of up to 30 days to get back into Kelly’s queue.
    • Once back in the queue, for all new/additional drafts you receive, please keep in mind Kelly’s normal revisions timeline policies.
  • After more than 90 days of inaction on your part, the following rules apply when you wish to restart:
    All of the rules for projects with more than 30 days of being inactive, plus the following:

    • Restart fees: A restart fee of 5% will be charged after 90 days if you wish to restart; after 120 days, it increases to 10%; and after 180 days, it increases again to 15%.
    • The restart fee percentage is based on the dollar amount of your project that was devoted to written content. Any fees allotted for coaching are handled differently.
    • Your project scope can be reduced to avoid a restart fee (if it is feasible for your project).
    • Be prepared for the possibility of services and/or personnel being different upon your return, and for different processes or delivery methods than those originally discussed.
  • After more than 365 days of inaction on your part, the following rules apply when you wish to restart:
    All of the rules for projects with more than 90 days of being inactive, plus the following:

    • You will receive account credit for the unused portion of your project, less an administrative fee that will reduce your account credit by 15%. Your account credit can be applied toward services Kelly offers you at that time; these services would be at Kelly’s going rates for that particular month, which might be higher than what you signed up for. Also, keep in mind that services, processes, and personnel may have changed by that time.
    • Availability of services cannot be guaranteed beyond 365 days.


Timeline for coaching/consulting services

  • If we included coaching/consulting (for interview preparation, job search, career transition, personal brand, or anything else) in your package, please complete it within 90 days from the date of purchase.
  • If you do not complete the coaching/consulting within 120 days from the date of purchase, you will receive account credit for any unused coaching; this credit can be used toward the purchase of services at the going rates whenever you return.
    • Keep in mind prices may increase over time, services may change, and personnel may change.
    • After 6 months, please be prepared to pay a 10% restart fee to proceed with the coaching services in addition to any difference in price (alternately, this amount can be subtracted from your account credit).


Appointment holding

  • There is always a high demand for appointments, so to hold your spot on Kelly’s calendar, please be sure to make your payment at least 72 hours before your Deep Dive Session with Kelly for gathering information for your document(s). If it was scheduled with less lead time than that, please pay at least 24 hours in advance.
  • The Deep Dive Session cannot proceed without receipt of payment.


Deep Dive Sessions

  • A key part of Kelly’s process is conducting a Deep Dive Session with you (an intake session to gather information for the resume and/or LinkedIn profile). Because Kelly does not use questionnaires as standard practice, Kelly uses her skills as a former newspaper reporter to interview you on a live call.
  • Without a bona fide Deep Dive Session (and follow-up by email or phone/Zoom afterwards as needed), Kelly cannot proceed with writing your resume and/or LinkedIn profile or cannot finish writing it.
  • Examples of things that do NOT take the place of a bona fide Deep Dive Session include: sending Kelly a dossier of hundreds of documents and saying “it’s all there”; sharing some information during a call with that was intended to make immediate improvements to your resume for an urgent need; information shared in your initial free call with Kelly; and sending Kelly your existing resume saying “it’s already pretty good and just needs some magic wordsmithing.”


Writing turnaround time

  • Turnaround time varies depending on Kelly’s workload and your needs; please keep in mind that if you have any specific deadline, Kelly needs to know about this before agreeing to your project.
  • If you find out about a job opening in the midst of the project, Kelly usually does not have the capacity or flexibility to expedite your project and prioritize you above clients who were in the queue before you.
  • Typical turnaround for an initial resume draft (or LinkedIn draft in the case of a standalone LinkedIn profile) is 10-16 working days from the Deep Dive Session with Kelly.
  • Any turnaround that Kelly may have mentioned during your initial free call is contingent on engaging her services immediately, paying your invoice within 48 hours, scheduling your Deep Dive Session with her at her earliest availability, not postponing or delaying the Deep Dive Session, and providing any follow-up items in a timely manner. Unexpected delays on your part will delay your project and might not be directly proportional to your delay (for example: a 1-day delay on your part might mean a total 3-day delay depending on Kelly’s schedule, if you miss a window of availability she had for writing time or appointment time prior to a couple of days when her schedule is packed).
  • Kelly works with you to meet any firm deadline agreed on before taking your project as long as there are no delays on your part.
  • If something comes up in Kelly’s schedule unexpectedly, she might ask to extend delivery of your draft by an extra 1-2 days (while doing her best to honor any firm deadline agreed to in advance).
  • If your package includes a resume as well as other deliverables like bios, LinkedIn profile, additional resumes, cover letters, etc., these will be completed after approval of the resume draft.
  • Please allow 4-7 working days for a second deliverable (such as a LinkedIn draft after resume approval); for projects with numerous deliverables, please anticipate additional time for everything to be done.
  • If we are doing both a bio and a LinkedIn profile, Kelly will want approval on one of those drafts before proceeding with the other.


Revision turnaround time

  • Kelly normally makes any revisions you request in 2-4 working days. In the unlikely event that your revisions are extensive, or Kelly is unusually busy, she might want up to 4-7 business days. But she works hard to meet any firm deadline agreed to in advance.


Revisions policies

  • 3-in-30 policy: On all documents, Kelly allows up to 30 days (from the date she sent the draft) for up to 3 rounds of revisions—unless your quoted price is based on different terms, which would be indicated on your invoice. Each round can encompass as many specific changes as you want.
    • The vast majority of clients do not need more than 3 rounds of revisions. Beyond 3 rounds, additional rounds may incur extra charges at an hourly rate of $100 billed in quarter-hour increments.
    • After 30 days, Kelly will consider the latest version of the document to be the final draft (unless you would like to pay for revisions AND Kelly has availability in her schedule).
    • Kelly will consider exceptions to these policies for extenuating circumstances.
    • If there are any unexpected delays beyond the norm with revisions on Kelly’s end, the 30 days will be extended accordingly at no additional charge.
    • Pro tip: hopping on a screen sharing meeting to work on revisions with Kelly can often allow for finalizing a document in a single round instead of going back and forth with files/emails.


Separate versions vs. revisions

  • The revisions allowed by the revisions policies above are for revising the resume to your satisfaction, not to be confused with updates or separate versions.
  • If you need to update the resume with new accomplishments or a new job at a later date, that would be considered an update, which typically runs $70-$400+ within a year or less of the resume creation.
  • Pricing for updates is commensurate with the amount of new experience and information to be added, so your price for an update will depend in part on how many months or years it has been.
  • Likewise, if you need a separate version for a different job target and did not pay for that as part of your package, those typically run $70-$350+ within 6 months of the initial resume being prepared.


Microsoft Word

  • Kelly requires you to have access to Microsoft Word so you can use it for editing your documents during and after the engagement (unless she is only writing your LinkedIn profile and nothing else). Using Google’s word processor to edit the Microsoft Word files Kelly sends you will cause formatting glitches when she imports them back into Microsoft Word.
  • Some recruiters prefer Microsoft Word documents to PDFs, so there will be times when you need to submit a Word document. When doing that, being able to edit the document in Word is preferable to editing it in another program and converting it.
  • If you do not have Microsoft Word on your computer, we recommend you subscribe to a home version for about $9.99/month through Office.com. You could cancel after your job search concludes.


Proofreading and accuracy

  • It is your responsibility to make sure the resume and documents you provide employers are factually accurate, so please remember to double-check all facts, job titles, dates, and degrees.
  • Kelly does her best to ensure correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation on your documents, but please proofread your final documents carefully to make sure they are error-free. (Pro tip: read them out loud to easily catch anything that does not sound right.)


Meeting cancellation / rescheduling

  • If you’re a no-show for a scheduled call or Zoom meeting, Kelly will wait for up to 15 minutes, and after that she will need to proceed with other activities (and the meeting can be rescheduled).
  • If you are working with one of our coaches other than Kelly, please provide at least 24-hour notice to reschedule a call. More than one last-minute rescheduling or no-show may incur a $35 fee as partial compensation for the coach holding a spot for you that other clients might have wanted—all for nothing.


Results / guarantee

  • Your ability to obtain employment is based on many factors, and most of the variables are outside Kelly’s control, which is why she cannot guarantee that you will receive job offers or interviews after engaging these services; however, she guarantees your satisfaction with your documents with the generous revisions policies outlined in this document.
  • Kelly also offers to be there for you if you have trouble with your job search by offering a complimentary touch-base session of up to an hour for free within a year of your original purchase.
    • During that session, she will want to see job descriptions for jobs you have pursued, and she will want to know more about what methods you have been using in your job search. She can then make recommendations to any changes that might be needed to your strategy, resume, or LinkedIn.
    • If Kelly determines that the resume or LinkedIn profile needs changes due to an oversight on her part when she originally created the content, she will be happy to help with adjustments within a reasonable timeframe.
    • However, past experience has shown that in nearly all cases in which a client is not getting the desired results soon enough, the root cause is some combination of weak job search practices and/or incorrect use of the resume. To prevent these types of mistakes, be sure to take advantage of your Wrap-Up Session with Kelly (included in most packages) to get expert guidance as you close out your project.



  • Kelly does not make a practice of logging into clients’ LinkedIn profiles. Kelly provides you with the content for your LinkedIn profile, and you can copy and paste it into the site. (It is against LinkedIn’s terms of service to share your password with anyone to allow them access to your LinkedIn account. Some writers have gotten into trouble with LinkedIn after LinkedIn noticed logins to multiple accounts from a single IP address that corresponded with daily logins to the writer’s account.)
  • Most packages include a one-on-one Wrap-Up Session via screen sharing (this will be noted on your invoice) to view your LinkedIn profile together; during that session, Kelly can make sure everything looks good on your profile and fix anything that needs to be fixed (and Kelly can usually take a quick look prior to this session if you want feedback sooner). This session also covers other LinkedIn topics, settings, features, and strategies.
  • Kelly also offers more in-depth LinkedIn consulting sessions, including Advanced LinkedIn Strategy, Beginner LinkedIn Boot Camp, and Intermediate LinkedIn Boot Camp – these will be noted on your invoice if they are included. Please ask if you would like to add this. Any of these can include help with populating your profile with content (via screen sharing) if desired.


Payment policies

  • Payment is required to begin your project. Most clients pay in full upfront, but see below for a two-payment option.
  • Fast-pay discount: Save 3% when you pay your invoice in full within 48 hours of when it was sent. After 48 hours, it will revert back to the full amount. If paying in two payments, no discount is applicable.
  • Most clients pay in full upfront, but you can opt to pay in two payments if your project is greater than $2500. You would pay half to start, and the second half is due before receiving any drafts (unless your invoice states different terms). Projects paid this way are not eligible for the Fast-Pay Discount.
  • All major credit/debit cards are accepted (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover).
  • Financing option: If you prefer, you can get financing through PayPal Credit (on approved credit), which usually offers terms like 6 months same as cash to pay for your project. Your relationship would be with PayPal Credit and we have no involvement with that other than sending the invoice. If you would like to pay this way, please let Kelly know. If you don’t yet have a PayPal Credit account, we recommend waiting for Kelly to send you a PayPal invoice before applying for PayPal Credit.


Acts of God / unforeseen circumstances

  • Kelly and her associates’ availability cannot be guaranteed if there are unforeseen circumstances beyond reasonable control (such as illness, natural disasters, wars, pandemics, extended internet outages, family emergencies, travel delays, or other disruptive problems). We will do our best to accommodate you in some way but cannot make any guarantees. Likewise, we can excuse delays on your part (within reason) due to these types of unforeseen events.