Curated list of head shot photographers

A lot of my clients end up needing a new head shot while they’re working with me. Since I tend to have multiple clients in major metro areas around the U.S., I decided to start curating a list of head shot photographers who do good work for business head shots–including LinkedIn photos. The intent is not to have every city on here, but I want to at least have some of the top metro areas.

The criteria I came up with for this list:

  • A client, friend, or trusted business contact used the photographer and recommends them; or it’s someone I know
  • AND I’ve seen the photographer’s work and believe it meets the minimum standards I would have for a LinkedIn head shot for a client (that being said, some of these folks may specialize in business head shots more than others)

I will add to this list regularly to expand it. For the time being, please let me know if any of these existing entries need updating!


The prices charged by photographers on this list may vary quite widely. I suggest reviewing their website to see their work and think about what budget you’re willing to invest. If you want to consider a lower-priced option, you might want to look at their work first to compare it before making a decision.

You might be able to get a decent or even good LinkedIn head shot for a rock-bottom price (perhaps through a Groupon or just a low-cost freelancer or studio). However, at the lowest price points, it can be hit or miss. Funds permitting, you might consider making an investment with a top-notch professional.

Photographers by metro area

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Orange County, California

Inland Empire, California

  • Focal Instincts Photography (Kat Meezan) in Corona 949-292-2314
  • Michelle Smith Photography in Redlands 909-280-2404

San Diego Area, California


New York City

Boston Area



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