The 5 types of LinkedIn posts you should be doing


Posting on LinkedIn is a good way to maintain “top-of-mind awareness” with your professional contacts. It also provides evidence that your profile is current when recruiters and others view it. The WHY of LinkedIn posting is fairly clear, but WHAT to post is a bit more complex. Here are the five types of posts I […]

How to: CAR stories for your resume and interviews


One of the things I always ask clients to brainstorm at the start of our process is CAR stories–which have nothing to do with any type of automobile! CAR is an acronym for a type of success story; it stands for: C – Challenge A – Action R – Result When thinking about a CAR […]

What to ask for when you’re terminated: outplacement options


As unemployment claims mount due to the pandemic-induced recession, you might find yourself getting bad news in the weeks ahead. Hopefully not! But if you do, the good news is that many employers do want to help make these transitions smoother for exiting employees. If you learn that you’re getting laid off, find out if […]

Please don’t upload your executive resume on LinkedIn

Your new executive resume is done, and it’s a masterpiece. I can understand wanting to unleash the power of this resume, but please do yourself a favor and don’t upload it to your LinkedIn profile. To be clear: what I’m talking about has nothing to do with your LinkedIn profile writing (job descriptions, About section, […]

Your trusted resume expert… a robot?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is truly woven into the fabrics of our lives, including job search. Most mid-sized to large employers are using technology and AI tools in the recruiting and hiring processes, and there are also tools that job seekers can take advantage of, as well. For example, one such tool that I introduce my […]

A recruiter is calling… don’t answer!


When you’re in the job market and the phone rings, it’s impossible not to wonder if it’s a recruiter or employer–especially if the area code matches an employer you’re interested in! Answering the phone right away would seem to be the best option, but not so fast! What could go wrong? Noise and distractions Take […]

5 ways to network remotely

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Job search networking by phone (businessman talking on phone)

In the era of social distancing, it’s more important than ever to understand that building relationships does NOT have to take place in person. This is a common misconception when people hear the word “networking.” I often hesitate to use that word, but often fall back on it out of laziness and habit. I once […]

Personal brand for short attention spans

Research from Microsoft revealed in 2015 that the average attention span had dropped from 12 seconds to a mere 8 seconds. That means that when someone asks you what you do, or you’re writing your LinkedIn summary, or sending a self-introduction to a recruiter, you’d better be able to get the person interested QUICKLY. What […]

How to list job promotions on LinkedIn

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About one-third of my clients come to me with LinkedIn profiles and resumes that don’t list all the job titles they’ve held at a particular company. For example: John was hired as Sr. Director – Supply Chain Management at a $5B multi-national company. After only 4 months, he was promoted to VP – Supply Chain […]

The job you WILL be recruited for

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I’ve heard it so many different times from clients in all different fields, from logistics to marketing to nursing: “Well, I never thought about doing this before, but they found my resume online and they really want me–they said I’d be great!” After hearing this from a lot of different clients over the years, I […]

Your biggest work-at-home problems, solved

I’ve been working remotely for 12 years now, so to me it seems like the most natural way to work–but I’m realizing that for a lot of people it takes some getting used to. Based on personal experience and what I’ve heard from clients, friends, media articles, and questions I’ve gotten over the years, here’s […]

What the heck is a CV?

Executive CV Writing

Many of the clients I work with aren’t sure what a CV is, or aren’t sure of the difference between an executive resume (or any resume) and a CV. It can be a thorny issue, so let’s delve in! First, let’s get one thing out of the way: a CV is not a cover letter! […]

Covid-19 career scare? Do these 3 things now.

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If you’re like millions of Americans, you might be out of a job or anticipating a possible layoff. I know it’s an especially scary time to be in this situation–rather than financial woes being limited to your employer, much of the job market is affected. It’s 100% OK to feel anxiety and fear in uncertain […]

3 reasons to join more groups on LinkedIn

If you’re like most of my clients, you might be a member of a half dozen or dozen LinkedIn groups. I’d argue that you should join more than that, even if you don’t plan to participate in discussions in the groups. Now that LinkedIn allows users to join up to 100 groups, why not join […]

Why I have to say “no” to prospective clients

It usually happens about once a week or so: someone will approach me inquiring about my services and I end up referring them to an industry colleague (ie., competitor). There are many reasons for these referrals that all boil down to the client not being the best fit at that point in time: Not having […]

The 3 types of resume feedback you’ll get


While putting the finishing touches on a resume, some of my clients get feedback on the document–some of it solicited, some of it unsolicited. Over the years, I’ve found that this feedback runs the gamut; some is helpful, some is “happy to glad,” and some is out-of-touch. Out-of-touch feedback Unfortunately, there’s a lot of outdated […]

When is servant leadership a bad thing? On your resume!

Most savvy executives nowadays have embraced the model of servant leadership–rather than being authoritarian bosses their teams are afraid of, they actually listen, use the power of persuasion to influence others, and work to lift up their team members (among other things). This style of leadership requires humility. In general, this is a good thing–putting […]

LinkedIn redesign: the #1 mistake I see people making

LinkedIn’s major overhaul of the site took place in 2017, yet many users seem oblivious to the impact this is having on their profiles. One of the biggest changes was minimizing the amount of text that displays for each of your jobs as well as the About section (formerly known as the Summary section). Only […]

Can you speak to your resume?


In addition to the plethora of common interview questions you need to prepare for, you should also be prepared to address questions about your resume. About ANYTHING on your resume–even the smallest of details. If you stumble or seem confused when an interviewer asks about something on the resume, that could be the end of […]

Insight for making it to the C-suite

I was recently interviewed by Reader’s Digest on the topic of “10 Things You’re Doing at Work that CEOs Wouldn’t.” Although I’m not a CEO myself, I’ve been fortunate to soak up insight from the C-level executives I’ve worked with over the years, learning about some of the leadership practices and habits that are the […]

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