Executive Resume Writing
LinkedIn Profile Development
and Job Search Solutions

For ambitious, serious, career-minded executive job seekers
(and sometimes entrepreneurs)

I work with you to create compelling career documents that align with your job search strategy. These marketing pieces are an investment in your future. You might also want coaching or other tools to help you land an ideal role quickly.

A typical ROI-producing career package might include…

  1. Deep Dive Session – An engaging, strategic 90-minute interview to explore your qualifications, accomplishments, and unique value. Depending on our schedules and other circumstances, we may choose to allot this time across two sessions, and we might need slightly more time (or email followup) depending on the complexity, your seniority, your goals, and the resume we’re starting with. As part of this, we will work to identify your personal brand that makes you unique.
  2. Executive Resume Writing & Revisions – I create a compelling executive resume. This will not be outsourced to freelancers because the quality of writing is my priority.  After I provide you with your initial resume draft, if you want any changes, I’ll work with you to revise it until you love the document (up to three rounds of revisions are included, with each round covering as many changes as you’d like).
  3. LinkedIn Profile Content – I’ll create a compelling, search-optimized LinkedIn profile content for you, and we’ll also work on giving your profile visual appeal that will make it attention-getting, memorable, and on-brand.
  4. Digital Files – Copies of your resume in Microsoft Word and PDF, e-mailed to you and also stored electronically by my firm indefinitely. Both versions will be suitable for employers’ applicant tracking software, but also visually appealing–so you won’t need a “plain text” version (as was the case in the past).
  5. Final Wrap-Up Session – We’ll touch base on nuances of LinkedIn that most executives don’t know about and discuss best practices related to your resume use.
  6. Job Search Launch Sessions (optional) If you’d like, we can meet to work on figuring out a proactive plan for a successful job search that makes sense for your situation – and then follow up with another session to discuss your progress, current challenges, and next steps.

Additional services you can cherry-pick from include:

  • LinkedIn Boot Camp
  • A la Carte LinkedIn Profiles (if you don’t need a resume)
  • Executive Bios
  • Board Resumes & Bios
  • Resume Distribution to Recruiters and/or VC & PE Firms
  • Job Search Coaching
  • Interview Preparation
  • Networking One-Sheets
  • Training & Coaching on Social Media for Job Search
  • Job Resignation Letters
  • Cover Letters & Networking Notes
  • Value Proposition Letters

I’m happy to counsel you on which solutions might make sense for your situation.

Outplacement Services & Elite Executive Outplacement

We provide personalized services for executives and employees whose employers are paying for their outplacement assistance.

Pricing, Payment Options, & Quotes

Typical client investments range from about $2100 to $3900+.

(This price range will not be applicable if your former employer will be paying for  outplacement services to assist with your career transition.)

  • Where do you fit into that range? If you’re seeking a la carte LinkedIn services, expect to be on the lower end of that range. If you’re looking for a robust package that includes a multiple coaching sessions or multiple documents and resume distributions, you might be on the higher end.
  • Quotes as unique as you: Every package is custom-quoted during (or right after) our free consultation.
  • If you’re considering going with a low-cost provider, you might want to read these words of caution.

Payment Options

  • All major credit cards are accepted–Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.
  • Most clients pay in full–and take advantage of a small discount I offer.
  • Your package might qualify for my two payment option. I can confirm during our free consultation whether this is the case.
  • If you’d prefer a payment plan to pay over time, a third-party financing option is available (subject to credit approval). Please ask for more information during our free consultation.