Selected LinkedIn Recommendations

“I had four head hunters find me on LinkedIn”

Working with Kelly was a very valuable experience. She demonstrated a considerable amount of insight, expertise, and skill in updating and revamping my resume and LinkedIn profile. She asked key questions to better understand my position and field. I had four headhunters find me on LinkedIn and contact me, and my resume did a great job of showing what I can bring to a company. I’m very excited to be starting my new job. I highly recommend Kelly’s services and will be referring friends to her.
– Phil F., greater Los Angeles area

“The Resume Was Spot On”

Kelly’s work on my resume and LinkedIn was amazing, and her expertise on job search issues was great to have. The resume was spot on — everything I wanted to say but could never find the right words. When we first spoke, she said most clients only make a few small tweaks to their resume, and I must admit I was skeptical — only because I felt my career was too broad to really compose in one shot. I stand corrected. She nailed it. She’s fantastic at what she does. I was very excited to move into a new position earlier this year that’s a great fit for me. Thanks again, Kelly!
– Stephanie M., Orlando, Florida

“A Member of the Admissions Board Called me to Compliment me on the Professionalism and Layout of the Resume.” (edited for brevity – see full testimonial on LinkedIn)

I chose Kelly to re-write my resume for two very important tasks, the first was to add into my application for admissions into an MBA program and the second was to pursue opportunities in a managerial role …
[Kelly] spent a great amount of time with me directly either by phone or email making sure that everything she was doing for me was exactly the way I needed it to be. The end result was an excellently formatted resume that was very personal to me, my personality and my background.

Not only was I accepted into the MBA program using the resume she created for me, but a member of the admissions board called me to compliment the professionalism and layout of the resume. She even asked me for Kelly’s information! I also landed a senior management role with the same resume just a few short weeks after sending it out.
[Kelly] is a true professional and has a gift for transforming thoughts and conversations into excellently formatted words.
– Peter G., greater New York City area

“Gave Me a Better Perspective on my Career History”

“The value of working with Kelly and her team goes well beyond updating a linked in profile or resume. While they offer exceptional value in these endeavors, I found that working through [the] process gave me a better perspective on my career history as well as the surprising gem of better perspective on what I really love about my career and the aspects of it that I find most important to protect and grow. Just like working with a personal trainer – you’ll get out of it what you put into it – but choosing the right trainer can make all the difference in the speed and accuracy of your progress. I highly recommend Kelly and her team.”
– Cali T., San Luis Obispo, Calif.

“I Consider Her Services A Solid Investment”

I highly recommend Kelly’s writing services to anyone searching for a new position. Kelly is easy to work with and thorough in her preparation. I used her services for my resume and my cover letters and was very happy with the results, landing a new job within six months of hiring Kelly. I consider her services a solid investment.
– Peggy F., greater Los Angeles area

Got Two Great Jobs

I hired Kelly to revamp my resume in 2008, and shortly afterwards got a great job in a new city. Then, in 2010, when I was ready to move back to the Phoenix area, her services and products helped me again. I was thrilled to land my current job. I know Kelly’s help has contributed to my job search success!
– Ellen D., Phoenix, Arizona area

“I Would Highly Recommend Her Services to Friends and Colleagues Alike”

Kelly provided fantastic support for me when building my resume this year. I am a somewhat modest professional, so finding ways to not downplay my role in professional successes is a challenge for me. Kelly paid exceptional attention to detail, listened to my story carefully, and then compiled everything into one, succinctly worded and accurate description of my work history over the last ten years. I am grateful for her help, and I would highly recommend her services to friends and colleagues alike.
– David H., Seattle, Washington

“Best Resume Writer I Have Worked With”

Going through the resume writing process with Kelly was incredibly valuable. I walked away from it better equipped to articulate my capabilities, and it was a great confidence boost. I achieved my goal of landing a new position within the same bank. I’m now an entertainment account manager, and I couldn’t be happier. The fantastic resume made a difference in getting the job, because it presented my accomplishments and strengths so well. Kelly is the best resume writer I have worked with, and I’ve encouraged friends to invest in her services.
– Michael M., greater Los Angeles area

Got Hired for Marketing Job

I hired Kelly on short notice to help me revamp my resume and turn it around quickly. The result was the best resume I’ve ever had and getting a new marketing position the next week. Thank you Kelly!
– Stephen E., greater Los Angeles area

“Personable, Very Thorough and Professional”

I am fortunate to have met Kelly through a mutual friend. She is a pleasure to work with – personable, very thorough and professional. Kelly helped me recognize and label my personal brand and how best to market it through LinkedIn and resume writing. Working with Kelly is an investment in your future!
– Angela B., Miami, Florida

“The Experience of Working With Her Was Invaluable”

I appreciated Kelly’s approach to the process of creating my personal brand. She is inquisitive and thoughtful and a pleasure to interact with. I would recommend Kelly to anyone who is considering a job search- the experience of working with her was invaluable and yielded the results I was looking for.
– Julie E., Baltimore, Maryland area

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