8 unexpected benefits of executive resume writing

Traditionally, the purpose of a resume has been to secure an interview. Today, the advantages extend beyond simply landing interviews–and there are also some bonuses to going through the resume writing process properly that don’t have anything to do with the resume itself! 5 advantages of a professionally written resume (beyond simply landing interviews!): It […]

Curated list of head shot photographers

A lot of my clients end up needing a new head shot while they’re working with me. Since I tend to have multiple clients in major metro areas around the U.S., I decided to start curating a list of head shot photographers who do good work for business head shots–including LinkedIn photos. The intent is […]

How to contact a hiring manager

How to email a hiring manager

Reaching out directly to a hiring manager when a company isn’t advertising an opening is a great way to network. You can position yourself as the candidate of choice for the company’s next opening. Also, if the hiring manager likes you, he can possibly create a job for you; this happens more often than you […]

Is your online presence helping or hurting your job search?

Your “digital dirt” could be haunting you. If you haven’t “Googled” yourself lately, it’s probably a good idea to type your name into the search engine to see what results you get. A wealth of information about most of us is at any prospective employer’s fingertips and can help or hurt your chances of getting […]

How to avoid recruiter scams

Beware of fake recruiters

Unfortunately, there are always going to be con artists who will try to prey on job seekers who are eager to land their dream jobs–and even the savviest of executives have been hoodwinked by slick, sophisticated recruitment cons. You’re probably wondering what someone’s motive would be for posing as a recruiter or employer. The motive […]

Resume, cover letter… and Facebook login?!

Many employers are doing thorough online research into job candidates; a few bad apples try to take that to the extreme.

Am I the right fit for you?

One of the most important aspects of finding an executive resume writer, LinkedIn profile writer, and/or career coach is making sure that you and the provider are a good fit for each other. That will ensure that you both enjoy the experience and will greatly increase the chances of the outcome you’re hoping for.

Are You Being Reactive on LinkedIn?


Stop Being Reactive on LinkedIn, and Start Being Proactive! While many job seekers focus on applying for advertised jobs on LinkedIn, a more effective approach is to use LinkedIn to contact decision makers at companies of interest when they’re NOT advertising an opening. This is especially true for executive positions. Use LinkedIn’s “advanced search” feature […]

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