Insight for making it to the C-suite

I was recently interviewed by Reader’s Digest on the topic of “10 Things You’re Doing at Work that CEOs Wouldn’t.”

Although I’m not a CEO myself, I’ve been fortunate to soak up insight from the C-level executives I’ve worked with over the years, learning about some of the leadership practices and habits that are the most effective for today’s workplace.

The example I shared in the article dealt with communication. Among other things, I said, “My clients who have successfully advanced to the CEO position do an exceptional job of helping team members embrace change. They communicate transparently and seek input from subordinates.”

Other topics addressed in the article included:

  • Mindsets and strategies
  • Ego
  • Accountability
  • “That’s not my job!”
  • Having “yes” people around
  • Competing against co-workers
  • Networking

My clients who are already at a senior executive level tend to be quite savvy with most of these–except, sometimes, the last one: networking. Specifically, it talks about the mistake of only networking when you’re looking for a job.

Too often I have executive clients who have allowed relationships to languish, and they unexpectedly find themselves facing a career transition. At that point it’s awkward to reach out since it will be obvious that your job search is the impetus, rather than a sincere desire for an ongoing relationship. (I’ll admit that I’m sometimes guilty myself of not maintaining contact as much as I’d like!)

You can check out the article here.