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Why to leave your address off your resume

In the past, including your home address on your resume was a formality that readers expected to see. But today, it’s no longer necessary, at least in the U.S. There are good reasons you might want to leave your home address off your resume. Your commute could be a concern Having your address on your […]


“Private” LinkedIn profile? Nope!

There’s a misconception I hear from executives sometimes. They tell me, “I have my LinkedIn profile ‘set to private’ for now,” and they explain it’s so their boss won’t see it, or so nobody will see it until it’s perfectly worded. Another one I’ve heard is “I don’t want my boss to know I’m on […]


Should you share samples of your work?

You might have heard that sharing examples of your work could be helpful when you’re interviewing. But is it really a good idea? How do you decide whether to share? In some professions—like journalism—sharing a portfolio of your work is a critical part of the hiring process and is usually part of the initial application […]

Is the “hidden job market” a real thing?

You’ve probably seen or heard the term “hidden job market” at some point. It gets used a lot, but you might be wondering what it truly means—and it doesn’t help that there’s no official or standard definition. The lack of an official definition means that various sources have different explanations—sometimes misleading. Then, there’s people who […]

The 5 types of LinkedIn posts you should be doing

Posting on LinkedIn is a good way to maintain “top-of-mind awareness” with your professional contacts. It also provides evidence that your profile is current when recruiters and others view it. The WHY of LinkedIn posting is fairly clear, but WHAT to post is a bit more complex. Here are the five types of posts I […]

Please don’t upload your executive resume on LinkedIn

Your new executive resume is done, and it’s a masterpiece. I can understand wanting to unleash the power of this resume, but please do yourself a favor and don’t upload it to your LinkedIn profile. To be clear: what I’m talking about has nothing to do with your LinkedIn profile writing (job descriptions, About section, […]


A recruiter is calling… don’t answer!

When you’re in the job market and the phone rings, it’s impossible not to wonder if it’s a recruiter or employer–especially if the area code matches an employer you’re interested in. Answering the phone right away would seem to be the best option, but not so fast! What could go wrong? Noise and distractions Take […]