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Your biggest work-at-home problems, solved

I’ve been working remotely for 12 years now, so to me it seems like the most natural way to work–but I’m realizing that for a lot of people it takes some getting used to. Based on personal experience and what I’ve heard from clients, friends, media articles, and questions I’ve gotten over the years, here’s […]

3 reasons to join more groups on LinkedIn

If you’re like most of my clients, you might be a member of a half dozen or dozen LinkedIn groups. I’d argue that you should join more than that, even if you don’t plan to participate in discussions in the groups. Now that LinkedIn allows users to join up to 100 groups, why not join […]

When is servant leadership a bad thing? On your resume!

Most savvy executives nowadays have embraced the model of servant leadership–rather than being authoritarian bosses their teams are afraid of, they actually listen, use the power of persuasion to influence others, and work to lift up their team members (among other things). This style of leadership requires humility. In general, this is a good thing–putting […]

LinkedIn redesign: the #1 mistake I see people making

LinkedIn’s major overhaul of the site took place in 2017, yet many users seem oblivious to the impact this is having on their profiles. One of the biggest changes was minimizing the amount of text that displays for each of your jobs as well as the About section (formerly known as the Summary section). Only […]


Can you speak to your resume?

In addition to the plethora of common interview questions you need to prepare for, you should also be prepared to address questions about your resume. About ANYTHING on your resume–even the smallest of details. If you stumble or seem confused when an interviewer asks about something on the resume, that could be the end of […]

Insight for making it to the C-suite

I was recently interviewed by Reader’s Digest on the topic of “10 Things You’re Doing at Work that CEOs Wouldn’t.” Although I’m not a CEO myself, I’ve been fortunate to soak up insight from the C-level executives I’ve worked with over the years, learning about some of the leadership practices and habits that are the […]