Wondering if I’d have the industry/profession knowledge to help you?

If I have past experience with your industry or profession, that can be a bonus for you, because I may already be up to speed on some of the buzzwords, job objectives, and challenges associated with your industry.

Keep in mind, however, that I can probably help you even if I have no prior experience with your industry — some of the success stories that you can read on my testimonials page are from clients whose industries I had no knowledge of beforehand.

I’m not comfortable with all projects, of course. If you schedule a free call with me, and I feel like I might not be the right person to help you, my assistant or I will let you know before our appointment whenever possible. About 15% of the people who reach out to us are “out of my wheelhouse,” and if that’s the case with you, I’m happy to refer you to another company if I know one that might be a better fit for your specific needs.

Why not take on any project that comes my way, you ask? In a nutshell, I’m not comfortable taking on your project unless I absolutely know without a doubt that I can help you! One of the ways I’ve built my business over the years is through customer referrals, and these referrals have been the result of very happy clients who benefited from working with me. So I continue to favor projects that I feel confident will be home runs! The clients are better served, there are less headaches for me, and I know there’s a good chance that person will refer a friend or co-worker to me.

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