Kelly Donovan, CPRW
Career Communications & Job Search Specialist
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
  • 10+ years of relevant experience
  • Award-winning, published writer w/ journalism B.A.
  • Globally recognized work (TORI nominee)

I want to help you land your dream job!

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My Difference

  • Up-to-the-minute
    I keep up with trends and technology, and constantly innovate to meet the needs of today's job market.
  • Comprehensive
    I go way beyond the resume -- I want to equip you with everything you need.
  • Attentive
    I want my clients to succeed, and you can call or email me at any point in your job search for advice and encouragement.

Is this the right resume writing
service for you?

Clients I love to work with, and who love to work with me…

  • Typically have 8 to 30+ years of experience in the workforce.
  • Often serve in a supervisory, management, or senior management role.
  • Are serious about their careers. They do well in their jobs and provide value to their employers.
  • Behave responsibly and ethically, and would never lie on a resume or job application.
  • Have at least some direction regarding the ideal type(s) of positions they’d like to pursue.
  • Are computer literate and able to use the Internet, e-mail, and word processing programs like Microsoft Word.
  • Frequently work in industries  or professions that are among my specialties.
  • Typically have annual salaries ranging from about $50,000 to $300,000.
  • Work for a wide range of organizations, from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies.

Of course, not everyone is a fit for me, and I’m not a fit for everyone…

There are certain types of job seekers I don’t typically work with; if you contact me, we can explore whether working together would be a good fit. My network includes a number of other writers and career industry professionals, so if we’re not a good fit for one another, I would be happy to refer you to a company or individual who would be perfect for you.

Other Considerations Before Working With Me

  • My process requires collaboration, so it won’t work for you if you don’t have any time to devote to the process. The process will, of course, save time and spare you frustration versus doing all the work yourself — plus, you’ll get a much better result, and you’ll have a professional guiding you every step of the way. I’ll take all the guesswork out of it, but you’ll need to put some effort into collaborating with me.
  • My services and products also necessitate the use of a computer.
    You’ll need:

    Internet/e-mail and a word processing program to collaborate with me on the resume and other documents. If you don’t have Microsoft Word or WordPerfect, you can get Open Office, which is free and includes a word processing program.
    Internet and sound/speakers to view my online LinkedIn training.

I hope this page helped you to decide whether my service might be right for you!

Want to learn more?

Don't hire a resume service until you read..."Questions to Ask a Resume Service"


I have also written job-winning resumes for clients in many other industries and professions.


"I had four headhunters find me on LinkedIn and contact me, and my resume did a great job of showing what I can bring to a company. I'm very excited to be starting my new job. I highly recommend Kelly's services and will be referring friends to her." -Phil F., Director of Business Development, Los Angeles area (via LinkedIn)

"Not only was I accepted into the MBA program using the resume [Kelly] created for me, but a member of the admissions board called me to compliment the professionalism and layout of the resume. She even asked me for Kelly’s information! I also landed a senior management role with the same resume just a few short weeks after sending it out." -Peter G., New York City area (via LinkedIn)

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Your job search expenses are usually tax-deductible; check with your tax professional about deducting your investment in my services. I'll provide you with a receipt for your records.