Job Search Links

          Training & Education

          Online Identity

  • Allison & Taylor – You can use this firm to check your own references; find out what your references will say about you when contacted by an employer
  • Use this Google unpersonalized search plugin to search for your own name and see what results come up–without any personalization based on your browsing history, social media, location, etc. (Good tool for seeing what an employer might see!)

          Job Research

  • Vault, glassdoor – Get the scoop on potential employers
  • – Find out what you’re worth (use it as one piece of info, along with other sources)

         Job Search

  • List of industry-specific job boards – Everyone knows about the major boards, but niche job boards are often a better source than the big guys
  • RecruitersOnline – Directory of headhunters nationwide
  •  – Source for affordable, quality business cards for use in your job search
  • ASAE – Organization for association executives; has searchable directory of thousands of professional associations nationwide. Being active in a professional association in your industry is one of the best ways to build relationships that can lead to jobs
  • investigative report on recruiting scam – even smart executives have fallen prey to a slick recruiting scam. Be very careful with anyone who claims to be a recruiter.