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Calendar for executive resume writing

As you consider embarking on a project, you might be wondering when we can start and how long it takes.

When can we start?

The timing of when we can start (once we agree to work together) varies widely depending on the existing workload; I can let you know timing when we speak — or feel free to send a note through the Let’s Talk page if you want to find out before booking a free call.

  • During times that are less busy than normal (or if I have an appointment cancellation), we might be able to have our Deep Dive Session within 3-4 days of our free consultation (or whatever date you decided you wanted to engage the services).
  • For moderately busy times, my earliest availability might be about a week away, sometimes 1.5 or 2 weeks.
  • For especially busy times, my earliest availability might be 3 to 5 weeks in the future.
  • During times that I’m booked more than 5 weeks in advance, I often make recommendations of other companies I know and trust that will have availability sooner.

How long will it take?

For the first deliverable:

The typical turnaround time from the “Deep Dive Session” to a first resume draft averages ~12 business days.

Then, additional components of your project will follow:

  • A live Resume Review Session on Zoom to discuss and revise the executive resume draft together. These usually take place a couple days after the resume draft delivery date.
  • Creation of any additional documents (eg., LinkedIn profile content, executive bio, extra resume for a slightly different goal, etc.) after the Resume Review Session. Typical turnaround time for the LinkedIn profile, for example, is ~5 business days after resume approval.
  • A Wrap-Up Session (primarily focused on reviewing your LinkedIn account together on Zoom, optimizing your LinkedIn settings, and discussing LinkedIn strategies and nuances; we can also discuss other questions related to your resume use and job search).

Factoring in time for EVERYTHING (including the final Wrap-Up Session), your total project timeline can range from 3.5 to 5 weeks, which can vary based on factors such as how many deliverables are in your package, and whether you need to delay any of our sessions due to scheduling conflicts, business or personal travel, or other reasons.

An a la carte LinkedIn project can be slightly faster–about 3 weeks if you’re on the ball.

Consulting and coaching services

  • If there are coaching sessions included in your package (for job search or interview prep), these usually begin after your resume and LinkedIn profile are complete.
  • If your project consists entirely of coaching, or entirely of consulting, these timelines usually depend mostly on you. I can probably carve out time for a couple sessions every week if needed or desired. So the question is: how quickly can you move on your action items between sessions?

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She has been a contributor to three books (including “Resumes for Dummies”), and she has earned certifications in LinkedIn, resume writing, and job search coaching. Full bio

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