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LinkedIn Presence to Stand Out

With the right LinkedIn presence and strategy, my clients have:

  • Attracted recruiters when they previously didn’t—or attracted recruiters with more relevant opportunities than before.
  • Garnered interest from hiring managers (ie., their future boss or potential boss).
  • Presented a more polished and complete image for everyone they come into contact with professionally, including prospective clients and employees.
  • Attracted clients to their businesses and bolstered their sales and marketing efforts.

To get the most out of LinkedIn, my clients walk away with:

  • A well-written, search-optimized, and visually appealing LinkedIn profile.
  • Strong knowledge of LinkedIn’s features (including little-known nuances).
  • An effective strategy for leveraging LinkedIn to achieve their goals–whether they want to land a new executive role, build their business, or just present a professional image.

Kelly Donovan

Meet your LinkedIn profile writer and advisor

Kelly Donovan works with executives and entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. and beyond. In business since 2007, her firm has been featured on the CBS TV show Face the Truth, and her career advice has been featured in/on Forbes, Fast Company, Reader’s Digest, the New York Post, Entrepreneur, Glassdoor, and many more.

She has been a contributor to three books (including “Resumes for Dummies”), and she has earned certifications in LinkedIn, resume writing, and job search coaching. Full bio

Common LinkedIn questions:

How do I make sure my employer doesn’t suspect I’m job-hunting? For clients who want to keep their job search secret, I write LinkedIn content in such a way that you won’t appear to be job hunting.

How will my profile be different from my resume? Your LinkedIn profile should NOT be a copy-and-paste of your resume; after all, LinkedIn is a different medium. For example, the “About” section (formerly called the summary) usually works best when written in a conversational, informal tone in first person.

How do you search-optimize my profile? This involves putting keywords in the right places. It’s not enough to simply have keywords in your profile; having them in the most impactful places on the profile is what gets the best results.

How do you add visual appeal to my profile? I work with clients to come up with a LinkedIn header image that will shape the first impressions that recruiters and executives will have when viewing their profile. We’ll also identify media elements that can be incorporated into the Experience section and the Featured section. This can include images, articles, videos, etc.

Who will write my profile content? You’ll work directly with me, Kelly Donovan, not with an inexperienced underling, and I will write all of the content. I’ll revamp your current profile or create a brand new profile from scratch if needed.

How will you gather information from me? We’ll work together one-on-one, starting with a 90-minute Deep Dive Session to talk through everything. I don’t make you fill out a questionnaire.

What LinkedIn consulting do you offer? Via screen sharing, we’ll look at your LinkedIn account together, and I’ll walk you through some of the key things for you to know about. This is customized based on your goals with LinkedIn (eg., job search, networking, business development, etc.). For some clients this is very brief, while clients who are new to LinkedIn and want to go from 0 to 60 can do my LinkedIn Boot Camp.

Will you log into my profile and update it for me? I create the content in a Microsoft Word document, and we’ll make any revisions you want within that document. Once the content is ready to go live, it can be copied and pasted into the appropriate places in your profile. If you’d like help with this, I can you help you via Zoom; you can share your screen with me while you’re logged into your account and I’ll walk you through it (similar to how AppleCare does tech support!). I will include this level of service in your package if you desire it. However, I do not log into clients’ profiles or handle their passwords, as this is against LinkedIn’s Terms of Service.

How well do you know LinkedIn? I’m certified in LinkedIn profile writing and strategy as a Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE) through the National Resume Writers’ Association. Maintaining this credential requires continuing education every year on LinkedIn changes and trends. Additionally, I’ve been using LinkedIn since 2006, have read numerous books about LinkedIn and social media, and use LinkedIn to help multiple clients each month.

Do you also help businesses with LinkedIn? Yes – I’ve helped companies with LinkedIn profiles for their executives and key employees. These projects can also include improvements to the LinkedIn company page or creation of the LinkedIn company page.

What about entrepreneurs and freelancers? I’ve also helped entrepreneurs, freelancers, and consultants with their LinkedIn presence to help attract clients and present a professional image.

Are you ready to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level?