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Writing and Strategy?

Having a well-written LinkedIn profile, strong knowledge of the site’s features, and an effective strategy for using it will help you get more out of LinkedIn–whether your goal is to attract recruiters, network with fellow executives, or approach prospective clients.

The problem is that most executive LinkedIn profiles are poorly written and conceived, and most executives fail to fully leverage the site.

Don’t worry that your employer will be suspicious of your LinkedIn use; for clients who want to keep their job search secret, I write LinkedIn content in such a way that you won’t appear to be job hunting.

Your LinkedIn profile should NOT be a copy-and-paste of your resume; after all, LinkedIn is a different medium.

One of the main areas in which your profile needs to be different is the summary (now called the About section). Using a more conversational and informal tone than a resume summary has emerged as the best practice for the LinkedIn summary.

Most users don’t have a summary, use their resume summary, or just have a few lines or some keywords in the summary section. This is a missed opportunity.

The summary is just one tiny component of success on LinkedIn, however. Other key factors include:

Search-optimizing your profile; this involves putting keywords in the right places. It’s not enough to simply have keywords in your profile; having them in the right places is what gets the best results.

Using it as a tool for building relationships with your contacts, and for finding people who can help you in your job search (something I advise my clients on).

Adjusting your settings for maximum visibility while avoiding some of the potential pitfalls of LinkedIn.

Unfortunately, most LinkedIn users don’t know how to maximize their use of LinkedIn and how to optimize their profiles for the best possible results. That’s where I can help.

I’ve had executive clients who weren’t getting results from LinkedIn, and then began getting contacted by recruiters after I revamped their profiles.

As a certified resume writer who has written hundreds of LinkedIn profiles and who regularly trains and coaches clients on their use of the site, I can help you improve your presence on LinkedIn.

I can help you by…

– Creating a compelling, search-optimized LinkedIn profile for you, or revamping your current profile, to attract the attention of recruiters, hiring managers, executives, or prospective clients. I’ll write compelling content and give you guidance on nuances of your profile that most people don’t know about.

– Providing (optional) one-on-one training and coaching; this is done via a screen sharing session, where we’ll look at LinkedIn together and I’ll walk you through some of the key things for you to know about. This is customized based on your goals with LinkedIn (eg., job search, networking, business development, etc.).

– For those who prefer to learn from on-demand videos, I have my Link to Success training, a series of LinkedIn training videos I created. The videos show you how you can leverage LinkedIn strategically in your job search.

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