Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writer

For Leaders in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Whether you want to be a VP of Supply Chain or an executive at a 3PL, you’re in the right place! One of my specialties is helping leaders in supply chain and logistics careers land faster, earn more, and find positions they truly enjoy.

To position you for executive (or mid-level management) roles in these fields, your resume needs to demonstrate a track record of achievements, incorporate relevant keywords and buzzwords, and incorporate your personal brand as a leader.

Your supply chain or logistics LinkedIn profile also needs to accomplish those same objectives, but NOT by recycling your resume wording! The “About” section should be conversational and personable, your headline must be search-optimized, your experience must be “sanitized” (to omit too-sensitive details), and all of it must be configured for the best possible results in light of LinkedIn’s redesigns.

Where I come in:

I enjoy working with executive clients in supply chain management, global logistics, and procurement. If you have accomplishments in these areas, I know I can make you shine.

In addition to a stellar resume and LinkedIn profile, we can also talk about a full array of services (as needed), including executive bios, cover letters and value proposition letters, job search coaching, interview prep, recruiter distributions, LinkedIn training/coaching, and more.

My experience with supply chain and logistics clients:

My experience has included numerous projects for a wide array of career levels, including manager, director, VP, and SVP, in all areas of supply chain management, distribution, fulfillment, transportation, purchasing, and strategic global sourcing.

Additionally, a Fortune 500 company enlisted my firm to provide outplacement services for employees displaced by the closure of a distribution center. During that difficult time we were able to provide workshops and support to help them all jump-start their job search.

You might be wondering how I developed this niche as one of my specialties. When I first started my business in Southern California in 2007, I attracted plenty of clients in the distribution sector due to the abundance of distribution centers in the Inland Empire that receive goods from the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

I loved the fact that these clients always knew their KPIs, and I began to carve out distribution as a specialty–and then expanded to adjacent fields like supply chain management. Clients referred colleagues, and over time I had more and more of these projects under my belt.

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