CMO and SVP Marketing Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles

Executive Resume Writing for Marketing Leaders

Whether you’re a current CMO, an aspiring CMO, or a rising marketing VP or SVP, you might find that creating marketing for yourself is the biggest challenge of all.

Most people assume it will be a breeze for a marketing or public relations executive to create a stellar executive resume, LinkedIn profile, and bio.

However, marketing yourself is tough, even for a talented marketer! Most executives — even those with marketing savvy — struggle to look at themselves objectively and present themselves in a way that is impressive without seeming boastful.

Must-have marketing for a marketing executive

Just as you’ve put effort into developing corporate brands, you must put thought into your personal brand. Your marketing executive resume and LinkedIn profile must position you appropriately for the roles you’re seeking. If you’re a chief marketing officer seeking a board seat, you’ll need a strong board resume and board bio (some also use the term board profile).

It’s critical to highlight the successful results of your marketing strategies and initiatives. The good news is the most marketers have plenty of metrics nowadays, and we can leverage that to showcase the value and ROI you bring to the table.

The other important piece will be your strategic networking and strategic use of LinkedIn. Rather than merely writing your LinkedIn content, we’ll also do a screen sharing session focused on LinkedIn optimization and your personalized game plan for LinkedIn.

How marketing and PR executives became a specialty for me

Before becoming a career industry professional, I worked at a boutique PR and marketing agency, mostly working with SMBs in finance, construction and development, healthcare, and the restaurant industry.

After leaving my job to start my career services business, I also did some content creation and PR consulting for a few organizations when I wasn’t working with job seekers. During that time frame, I served on the boards of my local chapters of the American Marketing Association (AMA) and Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) in Southern California’s Inland Empire. I’ve attended numerous marketing and PR seminars, conferences, and workshops.

My exposure to marketing and PR made me especially interested in working with job seekers in those fields, and I began to attract more and more of them. I gradually carved out marketing as one of several specialties my business, and have worked with many current and aspiring chief marketing officers as well as SVPs, VPs, and directors of marketing in a wide array of industries.

Choosing a professional to partner with as you elevate your marketing career

If you’re going to partner with an executive resume writer and LinkedIn profile writer, be sure to work with someone who has helped other senior-level marketing executives, understands the modern landscape of digital marketing and integrated marketing, and is familiar with the abundance of marketing buzzwords.

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