Media Mentions Featuring Kelly Donovan

I’m frequently quoted about career topics in a variety of national and regional media outlets, blogs, and websites, including Forbes, Fast Company, Reader’s Digest, Money Magazine, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, WIRED, MarketWatch, the New York Post, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Glassdoor, and many more.

Please note that any brand/company blogs listed below should not necessarily be construed as endorsements of the company in question or its products.

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WIRED — March 19, 2023
“Here Are the Skills You Need to Succeed in Tech in 2023”

Business Insider — Jan. 12, 2023
“12 College Majors That May Limit Your Career Potential”

Reader’s Digest — Nov. 29, 2022
“9 Things You Should Do If You’ve Just Been Laid Off”

Reader’s Digest — Sept. 2020
“Things You’re Doing at Work that CEOs Wouldn’t”

The Ladders — March 6, 2020
“The One Unconventional Life Hack that Saved My Life While Job Searching” — Jan. 15, 2020
“Possible Reasons You’re Not Getting Called for Job Interviews”

LiveCareer — Sept. 12, 2019
“How to Explain Multiple Layoffs”

FlexJobs — July 11, 2019
“Answers to 5 Common Cover Letter Questions” — May 28, 2019
“7 Verbs Leaders Need on Their Resumes”

CBS – Face the Truth national television show — April 18, 2019
This was a syndicated daytime talk show shown on CBS throughout the U.S. and hosted by actress Vivica A. Fox. The show’s producers arranged for me to provide career services for a guest on the show.
Short clip from the episode (my business is featured at about 2:56 into this clip)

Bankrate — March 29, 2019
5 Ways to Help Make Your Career Recession-Proof

The Ladders — March 12, 2019
“What to Do If You Submit a Job Application With Mistakes”

Northwestern Mutual — September 12, 2018
“Tips for Overcoming Age Bias When Applying for Jobs”

Business News Daily — June 27, 2018
How Grads Can Get the Job with Limited Work Experience

Money Magazine — April 11, 2018 (also appeared in Aug. 2018 print issue)
The One Thing You Should Never Put on Your Resume
(also syndicated to Travel + Leisure)

Atlanta Journal Constitution — April 1, 2018
Understand Job Titles Before You Apply” (PDF)
(Also appeared in the Palm Beach Post March 25, 2018)

Young Upstarts — March 1, 2018
4 Major Challenges of Being Your Own Boss (And How to Overcome Them)

CareerBuilder — Feb. 14, 2018
What to Do If You’re Overqualified for a Job

Entrepreneur — Feb. 5, 2018
Answers to 15 of the Most Common Job Search Questions

Fast Company — Feb. 5, 2018
These Are The Answers To Your Most Burning Job Search Questions

Glassdoor — Jan. 22, 2018
Answers to 15 of the Most Common Job Search Questions

New York Post — Sept. 25, 2017
These Job Recruiters are Judging You by Your Outfits

MarketWatch — Sept. 18, 2017
10 Qualities Hiring Managers Say You Must Have to Land that Job — Aug. 11, 2017
4 LinkedIn Tips for Elevating Your Executive Brand

Forbes — May 28, 2017
Why You Should Consider Working for a Small Company

The Balance Careers – Legal Careers — May 15, 2017
How to Write an Effective Resume if You’re Over 40

Daily Worth — Nov. 2, 2015
How to Stop Working Full Time

FlexJobs — Nov. 2, 2015
3 Places to Use Keywords in Your Job Search — Sept. 22, 2015
How to Use LinkedIn: When to Accept or Decline an Invitation

Business News Daily — Aug. 17, 2015
Career Confusion? 9 Tips for Choosing Between Job Offers

Monster — July 2015
“The 7 Most Important Skills for Retail Managers” — June 30, 2015
“How to Get the Job When You’re Overqualified”

Monster — May 19, 2015
“4 Ways Retail Job Seekers Can Increase Their Odds of Getting Hired”

CareerBuilder — April 20, 2015
“Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Career Change”

PureWow — April 21, 2015
Cover Letter DOs and DON’Ts

Detroit Free Press, et al. — Nov. 30, 2014
Maximize Your Next Networking Event” (PDF download)
CareerBuilder article appearing in 24 U.S. newspapers

Career Resources – 2014
“Should You Add an Objective to Your Resume?”   

Idealist Careers — December 17, 2013
“Do You Need a Mentor to Have a Successful Career?”

The Sacramento Bee — April 14, 2013
“Step it Up – Time to Change Job Search Strategy” (PDF Download)
Gannett/CareerBuilder article appearing in The Sacramento Bee

YouTern — March 26, 2013
3 Tips to Turn Job Hopping into a Positive”

Brande Blog — Jan. 14, 2013
This Week’s Most Important HR Tweets

Reno Gazette Journal, et al. — May 20, 2012
Pack Your Resume for Success”  (PDF Download)
Gannett/CareerBuilder article appearing in 8 U.S. newspapers

MSN Careers / CareerBuilder — May 8, 2012
“What You Can Learn from Not Getting the Job”

Fast Company — April 23, 2012
“10 Ways to Craft Your Resume for Ultra-Short Attention Spans” – slide show
I’m quoted on two of the slides in the slide show.

Yahoo Finance — April 23, 2012
10 Ways to Craft Your Resume for Ultra Short Attention Spans
Syndicated from Fast Company

The News Journal, et al. — March 2012
“Resume Boosters for Job Seekers” (PDF download)
Gannett/CareerBuilder article appearing in 9 U.S. newspapers

Career Bliss — January 2012
Master the Over-the-Phone Job Interview