Executive Resume Writer and LinkedIn Profile Writer

For Sales Managers and Sales Executives

I help 6- and multi-6-figure sales managers and executives in:

  • technology (including SaaS, enterprise software, cloud, etc.)
  • medical device, pharma, healthcare
  • logistics / 3PLs
  • hospitality / hotel / F&B / catering
  • banking and finance
  • a wide range of other B2B sales categories

My clients have landed roles with companies ranging from startups to mid-market companies to Fortune 50/100/500 firms.

Sales leader resumes and LinkedIn profiles

If you’re responsible for generating revenue for your employer, you need an accomplishment-oriented resume and LinkedIn profile that dazzle the reader with proof of your abilities.

That means that you need to demonstrate a track record of revenue growth and other quantified results without seeming like you’re bragging or exaggerating, and without revealing proprietary information.

And for times when your performance (or your team’s performance) might not have been the best, you need to find a way to put a positive spin on it.

Additionally, your resume needs to be modern and attractive, reader-friendly for recruiters and execs in a hurry, and keyword-rich.

Your LinkedIn profile needs to be search-optimized and it must highlight your value and results in a way that’s more concise and sanitized than the resume.

Your profile should have a conversational, engaging About section that actually differentiates you (rather than sounding like everyone else you’ll be competing against, eg. “VP of Sales with 20+ years of experience”).

Typical job titles of my sales manager & sales executive clients include:

  • SVP of Sales
  • Head of Sales, Americas
  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Regional VP of Sales and Marketing
  • Division President
  • EVP of Sales and Marketing
  • Head of Sales, Americas
  • Sr. Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Key Account Manager
  • Major Account Manager
  • National Account Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Area Manager
  • District Manager or Director
  • Senior Relationship Manager
  • Business Development Manager or Director
  • Enterprise Sales Executive
  • Senior Sales Representative

With base plus commission/bonus, total comp for these roles usually ranges from ~$150K to ~$500K+, with the middle of the bell curve in the $200K-$350K ballpark.

I’m very familiar with the typical goals, expectations, and challenges of multi-6-figure sales managers and executives, so I understand how to make you shine so that employers will want to interview you.

Kelly Donovan

Your partner in landing an ideal role

I’ve been helping clients throughout the U.S. (and beyond) to land faster, earn more, and love their work since starting my business in 2007.

My firm has been featured on the CBS TV show Face the Truth, and my career advice has been featured in/on Forbes, Fast Company, Reader’s Digest, the New York Post, Entrepreneur, Glassdoor, and many more.

I’ve been a contributor to three books (including “Resumes for Dummies”), and I’ve earned certifications in LinkedIn, resume writing, and job search coaching. Full bio

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The best investment you can make is in yourself. – Warren Buffett

For most of my clients, the investment in my services is easily recouped–and generates an ROI–when they transition into a higher paid position, shorten their time in transition, or go from dreading Mondays to enjoying work again.