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sharing-your-executive-resume-written-by-executive-resume-writerHave your executive resume and LinkedIn profile fallen by the wayside?

Often, an executive has been at the same company for many years–sometimes more than a decade.

If you’ve been out of the job search game for quite a while, you probably haven’t spent too much time on your executive resume in recent years.

Similarly, you might have landed your most recent position through a professional relationship, and you didn’t have to rely on your executive resume and LinkedIn profile for a first impression.

This time around, it might be different. You might find yourself needing to make a powerful first impression to land the role you want.

If you’re an executive with a purpose, landing that ideal role isn’t just about money or a title–it’s also about having an impact and being the servant leader your team or company needs. And yes, it should also provide you with the compensation and title that are commensurate with the value you bring to the table.

Creating an incredible executive resume, LinkedIn profile, and brand

Executive resume writing remains an important part of your career advancement, whether you’re a rising executive, C-suite leader, or aspiring board member.

Your executive LinkedIn profile and bio are also very important, and you might need a board resume and board bio if you’re in the running for a board seat. All of these are pieces of the puzzle that should align with your personal brand and fit into a comprehensive executive job search strategy.

If you want to be ready for your next career move (whether it’s a month away or a year away), it’s critical that your resume positions you at the level you’re seeking, showcases your personal brand as an executive, and highlights your career accomplishments. Your LinkedIn profile is just as important, as it’s usually a recruiter’s first impression of you.

The challenge is being objective about yourself and your accomplishments, and getting up to speed on the latest trends and best practices for executive resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and bios. That’s where working with a professional makes sense.

Choose an experienced executive resume writer

When selecting an executive resume writer and LinkedIn profile writer, you deserve someone who can do justice to the incredible career you’ve built. That means you need a strategist who will work with you to understand your goals, identify your personal brand, and develop materials tailored effectively for the types of opportunities you’re seeking.

Executives, senior executives, and C-level leaders comprise more than two-thirds of my clientele, and this experience gives me the right expertise to help you land that dream job! Don’t trust this task to someone who doesn’t have extensive experience working with executives like yourself.

Some of my clients just need an extreme executive resume and LinkedIn overhaul, while others are seeking a more comprehensive executive package that might include a bio, a board resume, executive resume distribution to recruiters, executive resume distribution to PE and VC firms, job search strategy, interview prep, a cover letter, or a networking resume.

You‘ve accomplished a lot to get where you are. You’re delivering ROI, driving shareholder value, maximizing EBITDA, creating a strong culture… I could go on. You deserve to have these accomplishments shine. Your story needs to be told.

Kelly Donovan

Kelly Donovan works with job seekers nationwide, primarily executives, and has been operating her firm since 2007. Her firm has been featured on the CBS TV show Face the Truth, and her career advice has been featured in/on Forbes, Fast Company, Reader’s Digest, the New York Post, Entrepreneur, Glassdoor, and many more.

She has been a contributor to three books (including “Resumes for Dummies”), and she has earned certifications in LinkedIn, resume writing, and job search coaching. Full bio

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