Kelly’s Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction with your resume draft, LinkedIn draft, and other documents is guaranteed.

Drafts revised to your satisfaction

After I write your resume, I’ll make any changes and corrections you’d like. For most of my clients, changes are minimal — but either way, I’ll work with you on revising it until you’re satisfied. Up to four rounds of revisions within four weeks are included for each document (most companies include only two rounds of revisions, and many of them limit the revisions window to as little as one or two weeks!).

Please note that the revisions are for edits we’re making to the resume if the first draft needed anything added, deleted, reworded, corrected, etc.; if you need an extra resume for a different type of job, or need your resume updated a year later, those are separate projects (which I’m happy to accommodate and typically entail a fairly small investment since we’ve already laid a great foundation with the initial resume).

What if you’re not getting results?

If you haven’t gotten an interview after aggressive searching, please let me know, and we can put our heads together to figure it out. If I think that any of your documents need changes to be more effective, I’ll revise them at no cost to you (however, bear in mind that a resume geared toward a different type of job than the original job target would still be a separate project with a small investment).

Rather than blindly rewriting your resume without having any idea why you’re not gaining traction, I’ll provide you with a full audit of your job search activities, including evaluation of your strategies and tactics, LinkedIn presence, and how your resume matches up to positions you’ve applied for.

Your success = my success

I want all my clients to be successful–that’s what brings more referrals to me, and also what gets me excited. I want to know that the work I’m doing is actually making a difference. Work isn’t as fulfilling when it’s only for a paycheck.

I’m confident that you’ll get interviews if you:

  • use multiple job search strategies that include networking, and have frequent conversations with people who can help you
  • devote sufficient time and effort to your job search (if you’re unemployed, that means 40 hours per week)
  • use the documents for seeking the type of jobs for which they were tailored
  • take advantage of any resources I suggest for you (eg., free videos, book recommendations, etc.); to be good at your job, you probably had to undergo some sort of training or do some research–being good at job search also requires preparation!

Want to learn more?

  • Read Questions to Ask a Resume Service to help with your selection of a resume service.
  • I’m here to help — please contact me if you have questions or are ready to take the first step toward landing your dream job!