Our Collaborative Process

When we decide to work together, we’ll begin a collaborative process to get you on the path to achieving your career goals.

Strategy: We’ll assess your needs and build your package.

Preparation: I’ll have you do a fun personal brand brainstorming exercise, and I’ll provide you with a checklist of items that will help me create a compelling resume and LinkedIn profile for you. You WILL have to invest some time in compiling the information I need.

Interview: We’ll meet (usually by phone, but could be in person or via video conference) to delve into your accomplishments, key differentiators, and other pertinent information.

Writing:  I’ll prepare an accomplishment-oriented, visually appealing, attention-getting, keyword-rich resume that conveys your unique qualifications.  Typical turnaround is 7-14+ business days (from interview to resume draft). I create the resume first, and then any additional deliverables. For a comprehensive package, it would be reasonable to plan on a 4-6+ week process to allow yourself time for preparation, reviewing each draft, collaborating on revisions, and training/consulting/coaching, in addition to the writing time.

Recruiter Review: Before we finalize your resume, I’ll have my recruiter associate, Katherine Moody, review it and provide her feedback. As an executive recruiter for leading Fortune 500 companies, she has great insight.

Editing: I’ll work with you to revise your documents so you love them.

If you’re ready to get started or would like to learn more, I hope you’ll contact me so we can discuss your needs.